Roebuck Barracks, York

Demolition of former world war two Canadian barracks south of York:

Roebuk barracks

A great drone flyover can be found here:

I’m amazed to see this encampment still in existence. Used as a pig farm (or piggery, according to the history books) since the 1960s, the proximity to York and the local ammenities provided by Appleby mean this site ripe for some volume housing.

This remnant of wartime Britain has somehow endured until now. It must have been spotted from the road by a passing developer, and bingo, brownfield.

Roebuck barracks

Being in such a dilapidated state, and as the buildings were pre-fabricated temporary structures to begin with, there is no aesthetic merit in retaining or restoring the barracks, however, the brick towers are extremely interesting structures. Any development should try to integrate these towers, if not only as an homage to the Canadian soldiers who came so far to assist in our victory over fascism.

The layout could even follow the pattern of the paths in the barracks, utilising existing ‘site capital’.

I hope the planners and the developers sit down properly and discuss how the significance of this site will not be lost.

I’d also add that the site is home to some incredible street art, of itself worthy of retention:

Street art at Roebuck






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