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The Beehive Inn, Salford

A community owned pub in Salford to be bulldozed:

This pub, themed on the iconic Manchester Bee (albeit in Salford) was saved from conservation to flats in 2016 by a Norwegian Manchester City fan.

Described by the Salford Star as the last pub in the area, its loss would resonate through this beleaguered community. ‘This community needs this pub, there needs to be something for the community, you can’t take everything away from it’ one resident commented when the pub faced closure in 2016.

Closed in march and quickly sold to a developer, there is no evidence to demonstrate the lack of demand for a pub here. Quite the opposite in fact.

I hope the planning officers engages the full arm of planning policy, now that the demolition of pubs have been removed from the general permitted development order – with good reason.

The pub shown in red, was once surrounded by industry and housing, but now is within a desolate urban edge


The Brewers Arms, Ladybarn, Manchester

Suburban pub in south Manchester to be demolished for 3 houses:

Closed since late 2019 and yet to reopen following Covid, the pub is up for demolition with the developer arguing that the windows would be inadequate for residential conservation. I don’t see it myself.

The only pub in Ladybarn, this charming building with an unmatching gable pair would render this area of the City without a local. Once unheard of, swathes of residential suburbs are losing their local hubs, be it shops, pubs, or banks. Houses and Lidls are the future it would seem.

Amazingly, this street is just around the corner from a student area. Students still drink occasionally don’t they?

The last social media post suggests the pub closed because the landlord left for an adventure. No evidence to suggest that a pub is not viable here. Its another example of a brewery cashing in on their assets for a quick balancing of the books after a tough year.

George Hotel, Hull

Pub to be lost just down the road from the KC stadium in Hull:

This late Victorian Pub has been subject to arson in the l last few years, leaving it bereft of a functioning roof. Its location, near the football stadium, would see a decent footfall here if properly enticed as there is no doubt about a demand for pints in this location.

Left redundant since 2016, the pub has been inevitably been vandalised and set ablaze. A few years ago the demolition would not have required planning permission, so it is good to see a full application subject to the Conservation Officer’s consideration come in. Unfortunately the building is now a hazard and the demolition is likely to be given the go ahead.

The first of many pubs to be flattened this month…