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Crown Street Car Park, Leeds

Application to demolish a number of Victorian Buildings along a back lane in Leeds City Centre:

Crown Street demolition plan.JPGWhat concerns me about this application is not the loss of the buildings – albeit reprehensible to destroy the Victorian urban grain – rather it is the opportunity cost of developing this site and not creating much needed city centre green space that dismays me.

This could have been a beautiful setting for some breathing space in Leeds, with the backdrop of  a railway viaduct, the disordered roofscape of Kirkgate, and the Corn Exchange.

The Victorians would have ensured this space was civic. How they did that seems to be a lost art.


Clocktower, Lockwood, Huddersfield

Application to demolish the clocktower at the former Mount Pleasant School:

Image result for mount pleasant clock tower lockwood

The school was redeveloped following the demolition of the Victorian school building (the powers that be unable to differentiate between shoddy facilities and dilapidated interior, and an important robust vernacular building).

Yet Kirklees have slyly slipped this application in a few days before Christmas. No one will notice that right? Yes, absolutely we will notice.

The tower was initially thought to be saved after a hard fought campaign. However the building was rejected from listing status due to the incomplete nature of the site, however historic England recommended a local listing. I doubt such a mechanism actually exists in Lockwood.