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Cinema and Hospital clearance in Todmorden

A large area of the centre of Todmorden is being cleared, with plans to build a Netto supermarket:

The site is occupied by the former cinema and the Abraham Ormerod Hospital in a central location in the town. Previous plans for the supermarket incoperated the cinema frontage, but this submission sees the site fully cleared.

Police station todmorden

Todmorden cinema

I think of lot of the town of Todmorden. An outpost of Yorkshire high in the Pennines, the air is so damp that the buildings are bright green with lichen.The buildings in question here are not particularly special, but the fact that a picture house was built for the good people of Todmorden reflects on how vibrant and independent Pennine life once was. As each Roman town had it’s stadium, so the Mill town had its Odeon.

Sadly Todmorden didn’t quite manage to achieve the cult status of neighbouring Hebdon Bridge, but it is a town like no other nonetheless and needs looking after. I hope the council consider retaining the front of the old cinema. These buildings mean a lot to small towns that are still trying to define themselves. Having a budget supermarket as the focal point of a town centre sends out the wrong message, and is certainly not regenerative.