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Healdfield Pub, Castleford

Application to knock down this pub in Castleford:

The Healdfield pub

A red brick pub integrated into the rows of terraces that surround. Unremarkable to a passerby, but it is always a sad loss to see an old town pub disappear, particularly in a town such as Castleford which has been turned over by the wrecking ball over the last 50 years. It is tragic to look at maps of Knottingly or Castleford from just 50 years ago, and see the proliferation of pubs, and public spaces that have been lost. This process continues…




Old Coroner’s Court, Sheffield

Demolition notice submitted to Sheffield to demolish the stunning Coroner’s Court in Sheffield:

Old coroners courtNew coroners court sheffied

A complex and unfathomable series of events has resulted in the green light given to knock this beautiful and historic building down to ‘slab level’. The machinations surrounding the redevelopment of the site are detailed in this excellent piece in the Sheffield Star:

Last year pressure from local heritage groups managed to delay the demolition and redevelopment of the site, with Firestone Developments withdrawing their application. Sadly, even the most novice of planning consultants can advise that demolishing a building does not require consent, and this is the strategy to adopt if you encounter pesky militant locals.

A loss or Sheffield, particularly in an area that is attempting to regenerate itself. Heritage is always key to regeneration. To be cynical, the branding of a new urban quarter requires tangible historic context and this is a lesson developers need to learn.