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Branshaw House, Keighley

Planning has been granted for the demolition of this manorial house in Oakworth, Bradford:

branshaw house branshaw house 2

Initial masterplanning Incorporated the building into the new scheme, but someone with a spreadsheet has made the decision to chuck another three houses in there instead. Crazy really, when you consider the value that would be added to the new development if the elegant Victorian house was to act as a lynchpin to the streetscape. People would pay significantly more to be within this setting.


Former Talbot Hotel and Pub, Batley

A very tired looking old pub looks to be lost soon in Batley;

Talbot Hotel

Drinking Establishments often sprung up in industrial areas, to be populated by thirsty mill workers. Yet with the demise of industry, these public houses have become obsolete. It always ignites my imagination when I come across an old pub in a derelict former industrial area and consider how it would thrive.

There wont be too many of these pubs left now, which is a shame, because  a resurgence in niche pubs that are removed from the bustle of the town centre are slowly becoming popular. Sometimes people like to drink beer nestled within a landscape of iron and brick.

Substation and Switchgear, Huddersfield

Most people will find this building diminutive, but every time I drive past it, it captures my imagination, simply wondering why an electric substation and switchgear house would be build to resemble a chapel. A testament to the care that was offered to everything that would happen to be created.

leeds road

Not much remains of the industrial infrastructure that would line the network of streets coming off Leeds Road in Huddersfield, and I will be sad to see this last allusion to the civic pride of West Yorkshire’s industrialists.