Pubs and clubs this month

A couple of pubs up for demolition in Yorkshire:

Moldgreen Top Club in Huddersfield:

Mold Green Top Club

Overlooking the inner industrial suburb of Moldgreen, this former working mens’ club is quite a sharp build, with well-ordered windows on a utilitarian frontage. It could almost be a Wesleyan Church, rotated away from the inclining road, to overlook the Parish below.

It is to be succeeded by 12 apartments. That is quite a quantum for a site of this size. Im sure with a bit of creativity the pub could have integrated in some way into the development. A sad loss indeed.

…and The Magnet in East York:

Magnet pub york

Built in the 1930s, it is another example of what the developer calls a ‘corner beer pub’ in a leafy urban extension. The develop justifies the potential loss stating that  “It must be remembered that the pub was built at a time when such facilities were in high demand. Drinking and the associated socialising was one of the few leisure pursuits available” (York Press).

I assure the gentleman, that drinking is as popular as ever. The reality is that the culture of the local has sadly all but disappeared, in tandem with the erosion of society writ large.


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