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Nortonthorpe Lodge, Scissett

Gatehouse to be knocked down in Scissett, Huddersfield:

Nortonthorpe Lodge

Prior notification of demolition, so no development control determination for this cute lodge.

Photos included in the application show the rear of the building to have perished, with severe structural damage that would need a large amount of investment to remedy. Unfortunately, the size of the building probably would render such a project uneconomic.

Nonetheless, four-roomed dwellings like this are a vital part of the housing stock. If/when I am in the autumn of my years and can no longer face stairs, this is the kind of place I wish to wind up.

Lodges like this make the built heritage of West Yorkshire feel like Hansel and Gretel should be leaving bread all over the place. As with Methodist Churches and Working Mens’ Clubs, they somehow are slipping through the net of policy-led planning, with no means of recourse to save them from demolition.