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The Royal Pub, Shipley

Pub in Shipley set to be demolished:


The Royal Pub Shipley.JPG

Not an astounding building, but definitely a sight for sore eyes should you find yourself in this sink estate of the impoverished North Bradford conurbation.

It may look derelict now but this building will have more history and meaning than we can possibly imagine.How many people will have dropped a load of clothes off at the launderette before popping next door for a swift pint?

What a shame, another old public house lost. Come on people, this is our culture we are levelling!


Weaver’s Cottage near Holmfirth

Application to demolish a beautiful farm house/weavers cottage:

new mill cottage.JPG

Just……Why?…its perfect.

The moorland to the South of Huddersfield is stunning, punctuated with small hamlets. Typically, this old building comes from an era prior to the great industrialisation of the area, and can be seen from miles around. The buildings are integral to the landscape. What a strange thing to want to destroy.