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Wybourn Hotel, Sheffield

Pub to make way for a car wash:

Its been a quiet few months in demolition terms, which is good news for Yorkshire’s built heritage.

Sadly this month sees a charming pub in Sheffield up for the chop to make way for a concrete hardstanding that would be a car wash.

This pub is just down the road from the iconic Park Hill, which is now a thriving residence of bright young things. But they don’t seem to go to the pub. To my knowledge, there is no other drinkery for miles. The thousands of houses in Wybourne will no longer have a local.

The Council could resist this, as it would be a change of use and intensify the vehicle egress onto the highway. At that point im sure a number of uses would come forward that would result in the retention of the building. And in years to come maybe the residents of Park Hill will decide to be more sociable.