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Cottages in East Yorkshire

Three rural cottages to be lost in The East Riding:

The Old Post Office, Hotham
Ivy Cottage, Rudston
West View, Station Road, Holm-on-Spalding-Moor

All three of which are a shame to lose it goes without saying, particularly as they are all fit for purpose. The Old Post office is in fact being encorporated into the neighbouring house, so the local authority will actually lose a dwelling.

The replacement housing comes straight out of the architects pattern book, to wit, three unique buildings will be gone forever.


Aubrey House, York

Plans to demolish a culster of buildings for student flats in York:

A sweet pair of houses will be lost to make way for student accomodation.
I fully understand the need to densify sites such as this, to avoid students consuming residential accomodation elsewhere in the city, so it would be difficult to oppose the loss of these buildings for that purpose.

Those black cast iron railings will be sorely missed however.

Shoe and Boot Foundry, Leeds

Application to clear a site, which includes the industrial street frontage of Macaulay Street in Mabgate, Leeds:

Granted, these buildings are utilitarian industrial buildings, without any notable merit architecturally, however as the Mabgate area of Leeds is dependent on cultural regeneration, the crumbling historic tissue of the quarter is vital, particularly to anchor character and povide cues for the wave of forthcoming development.

The above is a shoe and boot foundary according to maps from the 1890s. The bracketing attached to the sofits presumably once held bold signage, and provides an interesting feature for the street. It shouldn’t take a huge leap of the imagination to see how such stock would appeal to the burgeoning student population in the area. Stick a micro brewery and tap room in there, and suddely Macaulay Street is a destination within the Mabgate mileiu.

If the buildings go, then Macauley Street will be bereft of identity, and become nothing more than an access road for the bin lorries serving the student blocks.

Its a hard sell, but retaining shabby and unardorned stock to punctuate a street front as the infil comes, is right out of Jane Jacobs’ playbook.