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Queens Hotel, Sheffield

Pub to be demolished in the industrial fridge of Sheffield’s City Centre:

Queens hotel

A pub has existed here since 1791 with the current building appearing in 1928. Open and closed through the years, the venue was an integral part of Sheffield’s second-to-none nightlife of the 90s.

As Sheffield’s (rightly much-lauded) urban renaissance continues, Scotland Street will become a key component of inner-city urban life. Not much heritage frontage exists along the street now, and this building would provide some relief from the cladding and brick slips that will predominate the townscape as developments are built out.

Plans to convert into residential accommodation were contemplated a few years ago, so the option is there to retain what is clearly a robust building. I would urge the council to resist demolition on the grounds that the building is vital to regeneration of the area as a townscape heritage asset.

Some interesting photos of the interior, which appears to have been fire damaged, were submitted to 28 Days Later