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St Mary’s School and Nunnery

Application submitted from The Diocese of Leeds to demolish a 19th century school and nunnery:

batley school

This building is in a conservation area and forms part of the industrial fabric of this corner of Batley. Even the heritage consultant, who noramally dispell any idea of historic merit acknowledge that this would be a huge loss.

No plans to build on the site, so I can only assume that scorched earth is more marketble. So many public buildings are being sold off for housing land, and ironically when a dearth of school places exists; a situation which will only worsen. Still they get rid of these functional buildings. Kirklees, you will rue the day.


Interesting cottage in Illingworth

To appreciate the poor urbanism of the past 100 years, as a result of the housing production line, and car based lifestyle, Illingworth village to the north of Halifax is the place to go. Endless cul-de-sacs atop a windswept moor demonstrate that the concept of a ‘housing crisis’ has always been fed to us, and will never go away. This will always be the recourse of developers.

A final remnant of old Illingworth is to go soon:

halifax house

Would be awkward to restore to residential use, but old buildings always are. It is what makes them appealing. The converse is the boring monotony of housing estates.