Hare And Hounds pub, Burton Leonard

Beautiful village pub near Harrogate to be lost for 6 houses:


Hare and Hounds BuUrton Leonard

Very beautiful pub in a village that unfortunately cannot sustain two taverns in the antisocial age of netflix. Presumably, the Royal Oak down the road won out in the end.

The difference between a two pub village and a one-pub village is enormous. Drunken walks between pubs are the stuff of legend (see Cock and Bull story); the bittersweet rivalries in all things pub related; the family friendy carvery pub vs the allowed to smoke after midnight pub. Punters need options.

There is a dynamic that is greater than the sum of its parts. Thankfully there will still be a pub in Burton Leonard, but this is a beautiful building (and future opportunity) to lose for a mere 5 houses. Its in a conservation area, and was commercially successful until a few years ago (at which point the rent killed it off). Its a no brainer as to what the planning officer should decide.


2 responses to “Hare And Hounds pub, Burton Leonard”

  1. christine hill says :

    clearly conservation are is a meaningless term.
    Built in the 1700s this was an excellent pub/restaurant until recent times when it ws rented out and the food was poor. Moules Marinier served with most of the mussels not open, steak that could not be cut and much more. Although with a sale sign up from agent specialising in pub sales many of us checked internet and it was not there. Call the agent and they are unsure why not.. Someone with some wit and experience with food could have continued the excellent standard. Clearly building houses is more profitable. The council wants to flood villages with houses so forget CONSERVATION build and build again

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