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Pontefract Corner Pub

The latest pub to be rendered flat is the Old Mill in South Kirkby, Pontefract: Old Mill Pub This pub has piqued my interest as it occupies quite an awkward site on an acute corner, and brings together the two branching streets very neatly. It reminds me that pubs were often a hub of a community positioned at confluences like this. Not an ancient building by any means but the interesting frontage with high chimney flues and large bay windows demonstrate the right balance between modesty and ostentation that is difficult to get right. Sadly the replacement buildings do not acknowledge this form at all, completely ignoring the corner which is actually an asset to this site, and offers the constraint needed to produce an interesting architectural solution.


Warehouse in Bradford conservation area

A grand imposing industrial building on Vincent Street, Bradford is about to be demolished:

Vincent Street BRadford demolition

Permission was in fact granted in 2013 to demolish this building in a conservation area. If only councils would understand that a conservation area requires all of its component parts to be protected to preserve the aesthetic of the area. Bradford’s industrial history had a statutory protection here, offering a window into how the brutal architecture of the city was an industrial necessity. And now these robust megolithic buildings have acquired a timeless quality, they are to be lost.

Please Bradford, understand that the difference between a listed building and a conservation area is that within a conservation area, it is both the buildings and the spaces between the buildings that need to be preserved.

Two Sheffield pubs

The Arbourthorne Hotel in Sheffield has had an application for demolition submitted against it:

Arbourthorne Hotel sheffield

Not an ancient building by any means but I thought it worth documenting another loss of a pub. Built within an array of red brick housing for a mining community, these pubs/working mens’ clubs are a clear continuation of Victorian utopianism and philthanthropy in the wake of TItus Salt, Robert Owen et al.
Another pub in Sheffield soon to be lost is the Mason’s Arms:

masons arms

Another pub that has lost its relevance as the surrounding industry waned. Quite striking quoining and a generally robust building that could be key to a regeneration in this area, but alas it is presumably just an asset in the portfolio of a brewery.