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The Golden Lion, Armley

Derelict pub in Armley Conservation area:


Not much of the old Armley left sadly, and it looks like another piece of the past will be lost as light industry expands in this part of deprived Leeds. The gentrification of Armley that was widely predicted never really happened, leaving the old stock under appreciated. A few hundred hipsters could have kept these doors open I’m sure. Gentrification can help in small doses

Former Crimea Tavern, Castleford

Former Crimea Tavern pub in Castleford to be demolished for flats:



Once more, the loss of a derelict pub is justified by a supposed lack of architectural merit. Conservation officers at Wakefield would not have any grounding to justify an intervention in this case. Even if they wanted to.

This is sad. We need to recognise that it is not just the architectural treatment of the elevation, or the quality of the architectural vocabulary that make a building important.

It is the massing, its relationship with the street, and the proportionality of the elevation that are of historic value – characteristics which are not acknowledged in any replacement. This is clearly stated in every policy going; national, district, local.

Thus another pocket of Yorkshire loses its final piece of a once populated high street.



Woodman Inn, Hebden Bridge

Application to demolish the long abandoned Woodman Inn pub at Charlestown just outside Hebden Bridge:

woodman inn.JPG

This pub has now been in a state of dereliction for at least 10 years. Standing on the road to the Moors, when the culture of drinking and driving (rightly) met its demise this location would have proven to be logistically awkward.

Still, with the cultural draw of Hebden Bridge but a mile away, I’m sure a skilled publican could have reanimated The Woodman Inn. Other pubs of this disposition have thrived.


Star and Garter in Sheffield

The Star and Garter in Sheffield is to be replaced with student accommodation:


It is a charming corner pub just across from the university. Are students not drinking anymore? Suppose there isn’t much beer money left after tuition fees. Someone ironically across the road from the planning department I may add….



Couple of pubs in Brownfield Bradford

Two more pubs are to be demolished in the industrial fringes of Bradford.

Royal Oak, Sticker Lane:

Royal Oak Bradford.JPG


New Inn, Manchester Road:

New Inn Bradford.JPG


It always amazes me that pubs in the middle of nowhere, in the middle class hinterlands and along the traditional MAMEL routes are thriving at the moment. Their fate did not look so rosy a few years ago, but something cultural changed, and people suddenly were intrigued by pubs (and the fare they offer) in the middle of nowhere. They provide pilgrimage for weekends.

Wouldn’t it be great if these superannuated urban pubs could find such a resurgence, perhaps from intrepid urban explorers, or those seeking something different. Over to you Camra.



Crown Hotel, Chickenly

Pub to be demolished just outside of Dewsbury in Chickenley:


There is literally nothing else in Chickenley aside from housing estates. This is all they had to give Chickenley a sense of place, but no one went and now more houses will be built once it has been leveled. Another pub outmoded by suburban life.

Amidst such streets as Short Street and Mill Lane that hint at an erstwhile quaint industrial settlement, another name on the map has slowly  become completely meaningless.


The Beulah Pub, Tong Road, Leeds

Another pub going down:

The Beulah.JPG

Something of a mock Tudor effort in the middle of nowhere, apparently dating from 1830, although the facade looks a lot more recent

Sadly shut now, although it was part of the CAMRA circuit in recent years.

The name ‘Beulah’ crops up around Leeds a lot and is a type of sheep. The name certainly stands out from your White Harts and Old Bridges.