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Rising Sun Inn, Darfield

A former pub near Barnsley to be knocked down:

Rising Sun Darfield

The name of this former South Yorkshire pub was difficult to ascertain. No mention of it on historic maps of the area, I eventually came across a match on Darfield History Society also have some interesting pictures and information on their Facebook page.

Perhaps the most dilapidated building I’ve written about, but still worth a mention before it returns to the ether, The Rising Sun was a fine example of staggered terraced building, navigating a steep hill and punctuating a junction. Much of Darfield was cleared in this area in the not-so-golden era of town planning, but this pub remained well patronised even until 1988, as evidenced by this interesting video.

How I wish this little row had weathered the course of time. The optimist in me says a good portion of the building is repairable, but I know only a visionary would be willing to plough money into such a project. I’m sure they are out there. If only they would read my blog.


Millfold House, Rotherham

Demolition of Millfold House in Rotherham Town Centre:

Millfold House rotherham

In all honesty, no one will rue the loss of this building apart from the hardcore conservationists. Of which I am one.

Built in 1936, I am fond of this building because it represents the last wave of industrial buildings that also attempted to integrate into townscape. These workshops have a better frontage that most modern commercial buildings, which is quite a feat for the town of Rotherham. The buildings demonstrate that the lost art of industrial architecture remained with us until relatively recently.

I’d like to see this building retained because it is meaningful; it encloses an important corridor into the town centre as industry transforms into civic architecture. The building shows that there is an answer to the desolate inner-city rim that plagues post-industrial urban centres.

Props to the developer who commissioned a heritage statement for the building. I’ve seen much more important buildings reduced to rubble without such consideration.

The Mayflower, Austerfield

Plans to demolish a pub near Bawtry in South Yorkshire:


The Mayflower is the only pub on Austerfield High Street. Yet somehow nearby Bawtry supports between 6 and 7 drinkeries. The owners have sunk £300,000 into diversifying the pub and offering a full restaurant service, and the business has yet to cease operating, which suggests the new model is working. Sadly it must not be as lucrative as 12 apartments.

Thankfully the proposal has generated some column inches locally:

Let’s hope the local Parish council can demonstrate the capacity elsewhere for local housing targets, and deny this unnecessary windfall development.