Bradford, again!

Another palatial building looks likely to be torn down in Bradford.

bradford fitness first 2

No heritage statement with this application strangely enough – although a heritage statement ALWAYS vociferously favours demolition so no loss there. I’m not too sure what the history of this building is but it looks like a probably vVictorianschool that is now occupied by fitness first. The frontage is so very impressive, and with this loss, another fragment of authentic pre consumer capitalist culture is lost.

bradford fitness first

Its difficult to integrate a building like this into a development, but a talented urban designer could create a fantastic esoteric residential area here. Architects, this is a call to arms.


One response to “Bradford, again!”

  1. George B says :

    Wow, so insightful..I never thought there were so many beautiful buildings in Bradford, of all places.

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