Bradford again, again

Bradford development control have some difficult decisions to make over the next few weeks. More and more threats to heritage poor in.

A unique property in Ilkley is to be demolished to make way for a conceptual arc. The concentration of pitched roofs and the piecemeal growth of the building shall be missed.

Burnley in wharfdale 3

Burnley in wharfdale

Burnley in wharfdale 2

The architecture proposed is in my opinion very exciting and deserves a place somewhere in the British landscape, but why must we lose the original building as well?

The planning statement derides the design quality of the existing building, suggesting that the new build would be more congruous with the surrounds. Lets call a spade a space; the new building would be anathema to the local vernacular. Planning statements are increasingly hot air spoken on behalf of the highest bidder.


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