2 entire industrial blocks in Sheffield

This is some real land clearance in Sheffield. A conservation area based upon its virtue as a historic industrial area is to be cleared;


sheffield map

Now Im in no way suggesting the entire block should be retained – much of the build here is shoddy – but the block has been developed in such a piecemeal way that a lot of variation exists within the street frontage. See Jane Jacobs for why this is imprtant in urban design.

City centre developments now demand huge amounts of space, with complete clearance. What makes industrial cities beautiful are the remnants of the past can can be found tucked between glistening skyscrapers.

sheffield lock

Once the land assembly people have this entire block under one  deed, we will lose the variation along the street that is a result of parcelled ownership. Shame.

Instead, it would be nice to see some of the 3 and 4 story building retained, and newer developments incorporating them into a masterplan. But alas, the construction industry is devastatingly risk averse.


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