Demolition of Rosemount in Bradford

Another application to destroy an impressive Victorian urban manor. Bradford has a reputation for a city that has been cavalier with its Victorian building stock and this is no exception. Rosemount is the last remaining vestige of Victorian architecture in the Apsley Crescent conservation area.

Not the best photo, but all google street view would allow.

Indigo planning have put together a very dubious heritage statement. Im sure if the cash was there they would explain how Notre Dam needs to be bbulldozedfor affordable housing.

They state that ‘the quality residential cul-de-sac is sympathetic’ – cul-de-sacs did not exist in victorian times and therefore can not be congruous to the conservation area.

They also suggest that ‘The recent residential development reduces the buildings contribution to the character of the conservation area’ – then surely your development will further diminish this quality?

The design of the new buildings preserves the Conservation Area – I believe they call this an oxymoron. NO part of the building or the street plan is retained, how then is this preserving anything at all??

Finally, the heritage statement is adamant that the building is beyond repair, yet how can we take the word of a consultant on the books of the client. Heritage assets need to be properly inspected by a third party before they are condemned as unsafe and not viable.


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