Sun Inn, Skirlaugh

Second application to knock down historic village pub in East Yorkshire:

An application to clear this site was submitted last year and thrown out on the grounds that the pub is tantamount to a community facility, in spite of it being closed for a number of years.

A brilliant (and rare) determination that responded to the concerns of the villagers and the social fabric of the village. Yet the developer is going in for a second pass, with an application that still involves the wholesale loss of the 200 year old pub.

Social capital aside, the pub adds a lot to the genius loci of the village centre, extending the building line of the village core up Church Lane. And a village the size of Skirlaugh needs two pubs.

Lets hope East Riding development control throw it out again.

The Sun Inn, shown on a map circa 1900 to the North of the village centre.

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