School building, Askern, Doncaster

Application to demolish a school building:

The original application to replace this school building with 6 dwellings was approved back in 2019, however it looks like the building has yet to be razed. An application to modify the original proposal has come in, so thought it would be worth covering on the Demolition Register.

A classic red brick school built between 1893 and 1906 that would have made a great residential conversion. I’m always amazed at the ornamentation that the architect would justify during the commissioning of Victorian/Edwardian schools, when working to a strict education board budget. Clearly the stone corbels and looping ridge tiles were worth the investment, if only for the pride they would instill in the children who went there each day.


One response to “School building, Askern, Doncaster”

  1. Mike Wheeler says :

    I was born at Askern in 1941 and attended Selby Road School. I started my school days at Sutton Road School Infants at the age of 4 then moving down to Selby Road Scool . I would have been about 8 or 9 years old. I can remember Selby Road, and the first day I started. I remember inside there were glazed section walls deviding the classrooms. One day the headmaster caught me and a friend sticking transfers on my hand and I had to rush home at dinner time to Green Lane and rush back as the head teacher was going to give me the cane as punnishment for seeing me with the transfers in the class through the glass wall. I left Askern with my family in 1950 to live in Nottinghamshire. Happy school days at Selby road.

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