Former Queen Hotel, Hull

Plans to demolish a series of buildings including the former Queen Hotel in Hull:

Club Valbona

A terrace of three buildings that have variously been used as pubs and nightclubs throughout the years are set to be demolished after a prior notification application went into Hull Council. Plans to convert the buildings into 18 residential flats were approved when Club Valbon finally shut its doors in 2017, however, the owner appears to now have an appetite for destruction.

The beautiful gambrel roof, the balconets, and the well-ordered sash windows bring a rhythm to this street and form an elegant corner in an otherwise anti-urban corner of Hull

The last thing this already harried city needs is more of it’s heritage to be lost. I hope the inevitable new surface carpark that lands here will bring as much joy to Kingstonians as this row of pubs once did.

Article in Hull Daily Mail

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