The Plough Inn, Crosspool, Sheffield

Plans to demolish the Plough Inn:

The Plough sheffield

I can not believe this application has even made it past validation. Where to start…

This exceptionally old pub in Sheffield is adjacent to Hallam FC, and local derbies between Sheffield club and Hallam FC would culminate in drinking sessions in The Plough. These happen to be the oldest football clubs in the world. This article in The Star sums up what needs to be said.

How historic does a building have to be? I recently talked about a pub in which the Luddites devised their seditious plans. The Plough Inn was where (gently presses capslock) THE RULES OF MODERN FOOTBALL WERE FORMULATED. This is another level of importance. I’m glad to hear local councillors are fighting to save this building, but disgusted that a developer and attendant consultants could ever consider hatching up a scheme to see this pub off. I hope they are never seen in Sheffield again.

History aside, the building is stunning, and is a viable robust public house. Even if the planning officer is oblivious to the footballing context, this building needs to be saved on its architectural merit alone.




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