The Golden Lion, Armley

Derelict pub in Armley Conservation area:


Not much of the old Armley left sadly, and it looks like another piece of the past will be lost as light industry expands in this part of deprived Leeds. The gentrification of Armley that was widely predicted never really happened, leaving the old stock under appreciated. A few hundred hipsters could have kept these doors open I’m sure. Gentrification can help in small doses


2 responses to “The Golden Lion, Armley”

  1. Barbara Mulvey says :

    Good Afternoon,
    I understand that this building has now been demolished. Could you please send me any information possible on the property.
    As this pub once was either owned or leased to my partners Grand Parents.
    Mr and Mrs C. A. Haigh
    Kind Regards

    • peterrobertnixon says :

      Hello, unfortunately, I don’t really have any further information. I do know however that the building was in a conservation area, and have spoken to Leeds City Council conservation officers who described the decision to approve the planning as a mistake, and they were never really consulted.
      If you might happen to know anything else about the pub through your inlaws, please let me know.
      Armley is now a little bit more depleted of character following the loss of this building.

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