Former Crimea Tavern, Castleford

Former Crimea Tavern pub in Castleford to be demolished for flats:



Once more, the loss of a derelict pub is justified by a supposed lack of architectural merit. Conservation officers at Wakefield would not have any grounding to justify an intervention in this case. Even if they wanted to.

This is sad. We need to recognise that it is not just the architectural treatment of the elevation, or the quality of the architectural vocabulary that make a building important.

It is the massing, its relationship with the street, and the proportionality of the elevation that are of historic value – characteristics which are not acknowledged in any replacement. This is clearly stated in every policy going; national, district, local.

Thus another pocket of Yorkshire loses its final piece of a once populated high street.



3 responses to “Former Crimea Tavern, Castleford”

  1. Jim Oakey says :

    My Grandmother lived in the cottage attached to the Crimea Tavern

    • peterrobertnixon says :

      I’m guessing that the tavern has now been pulled down?

      • Jim Oakey says :

        Grandma lived there in the 1960’s then sold the cottage to my Aunt Doris Townend who lived there with her husband Arthur Townend up to 2000ish. On family visits Arthur and I would pop round the corner into the Crimea for a pint or two. I assume that more recently there are plans afoot to demolish the pub, sacrificed for trendy riverside apartments.

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