This weeks demolitions

January is here, and with it as a new year of demolition. Warehouses, factories, pubs, cottages, churches – none are safe. We have a housing crisis. We have an environmental crisis. So we knock down robust esoteric buildings. Things are not adding up.
Two entries in the west Yorkshire demolition list from this week, both in Kirklees:

Application to demolish (most of) the Rose and Crown pub in Almonbury:

Rose and Crown Almondbury

The new portion of the building is to be retained, whilst the older left hand mass will be lost. I understand a developer wanting to utilise the huge car park on this site, but surely it is self evident that value will be added to his property if the character of the victorian pub is fully retained. Page one of the manual.
And I’ve not even touched upon the travesty offlattening an old pub. It is literally one every month in West Yorkshire. Disgraceful.

Secondly, and old cottage off Drub lane in Cleckheaton is to be felled.

A very dainty building that adds a great deal to the building cluster next to the social club. It may seem insignificant, but bit by bit we are losing our historic fabric.



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