Why not imagine bulldozers don’t exist?


An urban extension has been proposed to the village of Scisset in Kirklees, which would see significant green space built upon, and the demolition of this farm:

Yes, we need houses, and yes we need to revive the construction industry, but should we be enumerating the commuter contingent that fills the route to Leeds to capacity each day? Rather than 200 residences covering the footprint of an entire farm, why not build denser housing nearer to Leeds, regenerating the industrial South Leeds fringe and saving on endless carbon emissions? I fear that because Scissett = Villiage + major A-Road, it is for a developer a much simpler market in which to sell his wares.

And why does the architect ignore the existing layout of tracks and boundary walls? Good urban design does not decimate all that is, but organically builds upon existing components. If you must build endless housing in this tiny village, why not adopt some principles of sympathetic design. Why not imagine that bulldozers do not exist.


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