Former Huddersfield Technical College

Application from 2018 finally determined:

Thankfully the main portico building will not be lost to this development (which looks to be predominantly surface carparking). However the latter elements of the stone building are to be lost, including the linking tower from 1876. The entire building benefits from a Grade II* listing, however this has tacitly only applied to what was the 1831 Infirmary building.

The original Infirmary building, shown with the 1876 extension to the right, including the linking tower which will be demolished

The bulk of the campus to be lost dates from 1932, and hints towards an art deco character. The building fronting Halifax Road is from earlier (circa 1901), and boasts an excellent mansard roof, the loss of which will be regrettable for Huddersfield.

It is a shame that the towers and the 1901 block couldn’t be negotiated for, as they are stunning buildings that establish a strong urban grain in this part of the Town Centre.

The new supermarket will be a stark contrast with the ornate civic character of the college. The apartments to the north laudably address the street frontage. However, the contrasting architecture of the buildings my result in the Old Infirmary appearing as an awkward relic.

It is also frustrating that this approval has suddenly appeared 4 years after the original application. It will be quite a shock to the people of Huddersfield to see this quarter being suddenly torn up.

The art deco (ish) elevation facing Portland Street, which will be lost


One response to “Former Huddersfield Technical College”

  1. Geoff Hughes says :

    There’s a lot more to this than the developer’s press release. Only the hideous Lidl building has permission to proceed, and that was approved by Kirklees labour councillors on the planning committee AGAINST officer recommendation. This and its car park will replace equally hideous, derelict and vandalised 1960s college buildings.

    Plot 1 and Plot 2 (incl the 1930s buildings) are merely to be sold on to another developer who will have to put in a detailed full planning app from scratch. The 1831 infirmary buildings are therefore likely to remain in limbo for some mre years as there has been no developer interest in taking on these two plots for years. And Kirklees Council still refuses to issue enforcement for maintenance of the listed buildings and statue, having now let the current developer make his profit and exit without having delivered his previous commitments to maintain!

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