Hare and Hounds pub, Bradford

Another former Bradford pub to be demolished:

Three pubs have gone into Bradford’s planning system for demolition in August, the other two being 20th century the Generous Pioneer in Burley and The Newby Square on Old Lane (shown below).

This pub in the middle of Eccleshill in Bradford shut a while ago, leaving behind its twin over the road, The Malt Kiln. As I’ve argued many times, the sum of two pubs is far greater than its parts. Two to three pubs is a destination people will travel to.

This is a very attractive Victorian pub with some quirky Bradfordian features. The bay window to the flank provides a natural landmark feature to the junction on which it resides. The extended element with a reverse mono-pitch also adds interest to the street scene. These incidental quirks do not exist in modern buildings.

The application makes no mention of its use as public house, and refers to the ‘demolition and reconstruction’ of the building. The plans show a dull hipped roof box, typical of the urban edge. In design terms, this would be another step backwards by Bradford Council and yet another piece of its stone history lost.

The two other pubs on their way this month. Interestingly, Green King’s The Generous Pioneer (below) is in fact a relatviely new building. A lot of effort went into a historically sensitive building. What a waste to flatten it.


One response to “Hare and Hounds pub, Bradford”

  1. Heidi says :

    I imagine the next pub will be “The Hare & Hounds” great Horton road at Horton Bank Top Bradford. This is a grade 2 listed building & I hope no planning permission has been granted to demolish this building. It was in a good state of repair before lock down but railings have been put round. A later incident was noted when people were removing slates off the roof. The police were notified because it is derelict & grade 2 building. Application to build on another small plot of land adjacent to the pub thankfully has been declined. The pub was purchased & is now being left to rot. The council are aware of it & I presume the owners have insurance to cover their empty property ! People purchase the properties , leave them to rot & then get authority for it to be demolished by Bradford council on another planning application.

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