The Old Mill, Morley

Small Victorian warehouse to be cleared for housing in Morley:

Modest attractive warehouse to be lost on Station Road in Morley. Its hard to appreciate from the image but the street here is quite a dramatic scene due to the levels being so steep. The mix of stone and brick of the townscape complement the leafy green bank. Its a shame a developer couldn’t see value in converting the building to flats, as it is robust and would save a lot of carbon emissions.

Buildings like this usually don’t get a second look, but wouldn’t it be great if at pre-app, the council would encourage the reuse of the building, and make it clear huge amounts of weight in the planning balance would be given to such a scheme.


One response to “The Old Mill, Morley”

  1. Jeff says :

    I believe you’ve added an incorrect planning reference, can you please post the correct url. Thank you.

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