Clough House, Birstall

Application to demolish two Georgian buildings in Kirklees for 30 new houses:

Top: front elevation of Clough House. Lower: Outbuilding to the rear

Cough House built in 1799 should be afforded statutory protection. I quote English Heritage; ‘all buildings built before 1700 which survive in anything like their original condition are likely to be listed, as are most buildings built between 1700 and 1850.’

This should be a relatively simple planning dialogue between Kirkless and the developer. Yes, go ahead and develop the site, but only in a way that preserves the historic buildings, and as per local policy, enhances the setting.

If this is not done, then Kirklees’ own policies have been flouted.

As expected the heritage statement commissioned by the developer supports the demolition of the buildings, as they are not as ornate as some of the other mill owners’ villas of the same period. He goes on to state that the new housing quantum is worth the loss of the building.

You can almost certainly have both. The developer as per usual is just demanding a carte blanche site to get stuck into. This is not good planning. I urge you to object.


One response to “Clough House, Birstall”

  1. Birstallite says :

    You will be pleased to know that after a lot of research by a local Historian, who contacted Historic England, this house and barn are now Grade 2 Listed. Over 60 objections were lodged with Kirklees planning. Sadly the house remains boarded up and locals are now wondering what will happen to it.

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