Ripon Cathedral Choir School

Appication to demolish music institute in Ripon:

Persimon Homes are looking to build out 12 apartments as part of their wider strategic development on this site to deliver 105 dwellings. Originally they had received permission to convert this building.

Although they received permision to build out their houses, I would hazard that the determination may have been predicated on the betterment of the site, following the retention and restoration of this historic building. I question whether or not the permision would have been granted had the demolistion notice been included with the initial planning application.

Thankfully it sounds as though there has been a lot of vocal opposition to the plans, which is well documented in The Stray Ferret. However in my experience the local authority will struggle to justify a refusl, following what has presumably been a protracted process, subsuming hundreds of officer hours.


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