Bengreave Farm, Bradfield, Sheffield

Application to demolish a farmhouse near Damflask Reservoir, Sheffield:

Hollin House


I must give thanks to the heritage statement for the detailed research, placing this building in the mid18th century, as a traditional laithe-house with local historical significance. I can feel the author’s reluctance to support the demolition of this building, in spite of being on the books of the developer.

Let’s hope the replacement is as architecturally interesting and also manages to get three centuries of use from generations of families.


One response to “Bengreave Farm, Bradfield, Sheffield”

  1. Lynda says :

    This was our ancestral home on my father’s side the home of the Wraggs my father used to help on the farm and his father camped on the farm in the summer when he was young – I know it goes back to 1800s possibly further – what a sad ending to an incredible past!

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