Shirebrook WMC, Sheffield

Application to demolish working men’s club of Full Monty Fame:

Shirebrrok club

Not the most beautiful of buildings, but an important cultural icon, having featured in Yorkshire’s second greatest film (yes, Kes wins), Shiregreen Club is set to be demolished.

An online petition that has featured on ITV’s website has gained wide support, so hopefully the decision-makers will accede to public opinion.

Aside from stardom, let us not forget that this represents further erosion of working-class culture in Northern England. Working Men’s Clubs are disappearing at an astonishing rate. In my previous post I mentioned the opportunity loss of new immigrant churches not using vacant Victorian churches. Similarly, new micro-breweries could also set themselves up in old pubs/clubs, with a taproom ready to go. I call upon policymakers to be artistic and find a way to matchmake the pubs without beer, to the beer without pubs.


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