Rising Sun Inn, Darfield

A former pub near Barnsley to be knocked down:


Rising Sun Darfield

The name of this former South Yorkshire pub was difficult to ascertain. No mention of it on historic maps of the area, I eventually came across a match on closedpubs.co.uk. Darfield History Society also have some interesting pictures and information on their Facebook page.

Perhaps the most dilapidated building I’ve written about, but still worth a mention before it returns to the ether, The Rising Sun was a fine example of staggered terraced building, navigating a steep hill and punctuating a junction. Much of Darfield was cleared in this area in the not-so-golden era of town planning, but this pub remained well patronised even until 1988, as evidenced by this interesting video.

How I wish this little row had weathered the course of time. The optimist in me says a good portion of the building is repairable, but I know only a visionary would be willing to plough money into such a project. I’m sure they are out there. If only they would read my blog.

6 responses to “Rising Sun Inn, Darfield”

  1. Helen Steadman says :

    Just doing family research and came across your old bog (23 Feb 2020). The Rising Sun Inn at Darfield was our family home for over 80 years. I was very sad to see the state of the building. Do you know if it has been demolished yet?
    I would love to buy the keystone with J H upon it as a momento of our family. If anyone is interested I have lots of information on the Hill family.

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