Phoenix Mills, Huddersfield

Conditions discharged to allow demolition of mil building in Huddersfield:

pheonix mills

The last of the old buildings down Leeds Road in central Huddersfield, permission was granted to level this site way back in 2014, but it looks like it will finally be dropped over the next few weeks.

Although an unassuming building, the stark silhouette of the mill is vital to the townscape of the Town centre’s fridge. The utilitarian architecture of the mill a reminder of the golden age of this town’s industrial heritage.

Sad to see that more B2 corrugated tin shacks will take its place, which offers a much lower intensity of land usage, and provides inflexible space. Victorian mills can be used in so many more interesting ways, and when utilised properly create hubs of diverse commercial and industrial uses; not jus artists’ workshops and vegan cafes.


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