Wibsey Park Lodge, Bradford

Retrospective permission to flatten Wibsey Park Lodge in Bradford:


Wibsey Park Lodge.JPG

Disgraceful practice by Mr N Rahim. Nobody in the development industry is unaware that demolition requires planning permission. Yet he went ahead and cleared this beautiful and historic park lodge. Mr Rahim weighed up his choices, and knowing the council will only give him a cursory slap on the wrist, he can now go on and make his money from 4 detached houses without the need for an expensive and protracted development control process.

A delightful building with a tall red brick chimney contrasting with the slate and stone of the house. Victorian Parks need their lodges to make sense of their history. If only the council would enforce their legislation and make him rebuild it brick by brick. Set and example. At the very least, I dare Bradford Council to refuse permission for the development of the site.

As it turns out however, the building was sold to Mr Rahim by Bradford Council in the first instance. Interesting. I hope everyone is reading between those very obvious lines and arriving at the same conclusions I have.



3 responses to “Wibsey Park Lodge, Bradford”

  1. Judy says :

    Its not quite over . The disposal from Lands Gifted in Trust and the errors associated with the Sham


  2. Paul O'Flynn says :

    What a beautiful house it was, always well kept gardens when mum used to take us there
    Called over for a walk the other day and saw the rubble…what a dam Shame.
    I expect someone got a good back hander there.

  3. peterrobertnixon says :

    Always sad to hear the news that the demolition has gone ahead

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