Old Fire Station and Chapel, York

Quite a lot of objection made to this application to demolish a whole street in a conservation area in York:


Peckett street York.JPG

I’d be very surprised if this gets passed, as the people of York tend to rally in these situations, however there are quite a number of letters of support for this proposal, which I find odd. I would like to know how much of a vested interest some of the supporter have for the development. I can not fathom why a resident of York would take time and effort to write to the council to support the demolition of a beautiful cluster of buildings within arms length of Clifford’s Tower. Perhaps they are iconoclasts, or perhaps they genuinely do support more houses/cars in the narrow streets of York City centre, but from my  own experience on the dark side (planning consultancy), it is generally favours called in by the developer.



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