Cross Church Street, Huddersfield

Application to extend the Kingsgate centre involving the demolition of part of the historic street front of Cross Church Street:

Cross Church Street

Although not an ornate building, this is an example of a wider context that will be diminished by a development. This street is an in tact albeit rough Victorian Street, with yards tailing off every now and then. Somehow the entire street has survived bombings, redevelopment, and depressions, and it would be a shame for the extension of the Kingsgate Centre to truncate this survival. Strangely enough, the buildings would make way for a cinema. Town centre cinemas were a thing of the past I was told. Lets hoe this indicates something of an urban renaissance.

And while I’m at it, I wish the developer would think more about the frontage they are proposing for Venn Street. This development could actually forge a new quarter in Huddersfield with just a bit of architectural innovation applied.


2 responses to “Cross Church Street, Huddersfield”

  1. James Bylina says :

    Just found your blog and its a great read and I feel the same about many of the buildings/ developments you have written about.

    Concerning the Kingsgate leisure, the Cinema and 9 restaurants will massively benefit Huddersfield as i’m sure your aware. If the listed buildings have to be demolished the design needs be a lot better, It needs to be much more sympathetic. Judging by the comments by the conservation officer and Heritage England, there is a very real chance Kingsgate will have to redesign or rethink the Cross Church street elevation.

    Again you blog is great and your views and any contribution would be welcome on the Skyscraper city Huddersfield development thread:

    • peterrobertnixon says :

      Hi, thanks for getting in touch, I will check out that thread on skyscrapercity. Having a cinema once again in the town centre will be fantiastic, but I’m not sure there is a market for 9 more food retail outlets in Huddersfield.

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