Duke of York pub Sheffield

Another corner site pub in Sheffield is being demolished as part of a wider site clearance on behalf of Lidl, purveyors of continental shrink-wrapped groceries.


Duke of York Sheffield

Lidl already have a supermarket on this block, so this demolition is to make way for a cap park extension. Specifically, the plans show the footprint of the pub being replaced by a trolley storage unit.

Just another reminder that after all the rhetoric from local governments about pursuing sustainable development, we are losing a community asset to facilitate further the culture of driving to a supermarket to fill your car with groceries. Of course, anything can be described as sustainable thanks to the caveat that economic growth or job creation is an important ‘pillar’ pf sustainability. I’m of the opinion, that if development doesn’t meet all the criteria for sustainability, then it is not sustainable, with no exceptions. Come on Sheffield, don’t let them extend their car park to further this urban void!


2 responses to “Duke of York pub Sheffield”

  1. Gamal says :

    Unfortunately demolition has begun. Another piece Sheffield’s heritage to be lost thanks to the Sheffield city Council. 192 years of history doesn’t mean anything to them.

    • peterrobertnixon says :

      Hi, thanks for reading and commenting. Sad to hear demolition has begun. Lidl seem to terrify local planning authorities, and can build or demolish anything they wish. Probably the best thing we could do is continue going to pubs and keeping them open. Not such an ordeal really

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