Branshaw House, Keighley

Planning has been granted for the demolition of this manorial house in Oakworth, Bradford:

branshaw house branshaw house 2

Initial masterplanning Incorporated the building into the new scheme, but someone with a spreadsheet has made the decision to chuck another three houses in there instead. Crazy really, when you consider the value that would be added to the new development if the elegant Victorian house was to act as a lynchpin to the streetscape. People would pay significantly more to be within this setting.


2 responses to “Branshaw House, Keighley”

  1. Matthew Beckett - The Country Seat says :

    That is appalling crass and, frankly, indefensible but sadly local planners and/or councillors are far too easily susceptible to these proposals. There ought to be some kind of memorial plaque on the site to permanently shame the developers.

  2. Matthew Beckett - The Country Seat says :

    The name of the developer should also be mentioned here – Halton Homes – ( as they deserve to be linked to this vandalism.


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