Whitcliffe Mount School, Cleckheaton demolition

Another application to flatten a Victorian school in Kirklees;


The school covers a large site, and is for once not being sold off in the bonfire of the assets, but is being rebuilt.

Much of the current building is from the 1960s onwards, but the southern wing of the building is from a much earlier date and is once again an important testament to our social history. Opened in 1910, a brief history of the school can be found here:



Echoing the demolition of Penistone Grammar School, opposing an application by the local authority is a none starter, Yet it would be great to see a local campaign to try and halt this unnecessary loss. Incidentally, from the indicative plans it looks like the footprint of this building would serve only as a car park. I am not against building and upgrading education facilities, but retaining some of the schools history can only make the establishment more prestigious, surely?


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