Demolition of a 19th Century stately home for a car park

I’ve had a bit of a break from blogging as I’ve been so busy with a new job (in a planning consultancy – behind the iron curtain so to speak).

So many interesting and needless applications in Yorkshire have been made over the last few weeks, with a wide tranche of demolitions planned, and most likely approved before the end of the year.

I can’t quite believe that the following has gone unnoticed by the Huddersfield press;

Application to demolish Dalton Grange House

The picture says it all. I do not need to explain why this is outrageous;

Dalton Grange

Syngenta, the applicant, is a major employer in Hddersfield, which I’m sure will result in the council subserviently complying to all demands set out on the table. The applicant even has the gall to  acknowledge that the land will be used as a car park to serve the nearby stadium. Thats right, a stately home from the 19th century is to be demolished to extend a car park.

Needless to say the Victorian Society share my concern/apoplexy and are helping with the listing process.

This case also highlights that awful clause in planning law – you do not need planning permission to demolish if you do not intend to build on the land. Permission is only required for the demolition process itself. If a building is not listed or within a conservation area (which somehow Dalton Grange isn’t) then it is yours to level as you wish.

Hopefully the bats will save the day, as concerns abut loss of habitat have been raised.

For a building that was functioning as an events venue until very recently, this would be a preventable loss of a building that means so much to so many.


One response to “Demolition of a 19th Century stately home for a car park”

  1. Matthew Beckett - The Country Seat says :

    I also share your despair at such a shoddy proposal and have blogged it here:

    I’ve also emailed Syngenta to ask them for their response and hope to do what I can to prevent this – though, as you say, it’s probably already been pre-determined.


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