Interesting cottage in Illingworth

To appreciate the poor urbanism of the past 100 years, as a result of the housing production line, and car based lifestyle, Illingworth village to the north of Halifax is the place to go. Endless cul-de-sacs atop a windswept moor demonstrate that the concept of a ‘housing crisis’ has always been fed to us, and will never go away. This will always be the recourse of developers.

A final remnant of old Illingworth is to go soon:

halifax house

Would be awkward to restore to residential use, but old buildings always are. It is what makes them appealing. The converse is the boring monotony of housing estates.


2 responses to “Interesting cottage in Illingworth”

  1. Brian Sanders says :

    Oh my how the cottages have fell into disrepair.When I was a lad the cottage nearest the alleyway belonged to Mrs Gammage an old lady who grew rhubarb.The cottage next door was actually a wash house with a copper boiler and a mangle. In the winter the bed sheets would be hung inside to dry. All gone now,but what happy memories from a sad picture. Brian Sanders (70)

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