M62 corridor towns

Those poor old towns along the M62 corridor really will bear the brunt of development in West Yorkshire over the coming decade. Im sure developers will make spurious claims of sustainable locations, but in reality, the West Yorkshire lifestyle will become more dependent on the M62, for going to work, for shopping, and for getting home. The sprawl in these towns means you can barely differentiate between the likes of Morley or Birstall or Birkinshaw any more. If only a strong green belt, and an inviolable conservation area status was given to the highstreets in these towns, perhaps they would be more than dormitories of Leeds.

47 Dwellings on Brownfield land in Drighlington.

The designs are as good as you will get from a volume housebuilder, so even I concede things are improving. Yet still there is no justification to knock everything down. Goodbye to this little gem:



I would welcome this development were they to maintain the street front, transform the cul-de-sac into a through road, and be extremely sympathetic with building materials. A step in the right direction, but still a long road ahead.



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