Interesting houses, replaced with generic polyhedrons

A couple of houses in West Yorkshire have been submitted for demolition:

This piece of unique form on Town Gate, Mirfield:


Town Gate suggests something of a historic thoroughfare in Mirfield. The town is almost bereft of its heritage these days. Sad to see such buildings go.

This building in Castleford has me perplexed. I’ve never seen anything like it. Any ideas as to the date or style please let me know. Its certainly not Victorian heritage but worthy of retaining



One response to “Interesting houses, replaced with generic polyhedrons”

  1. Steve Bailey says :

    Hi, the red brick house in Castleford (called Green Acres) has since been demolished and replaced with some rabbit-hutch new builds. I did a bit of research and it dates from 1934, I can’t find out anything else about it though sadly. Amazing that it survived all those years (even with its original windows intact) as the surrounding area went from being fields to an enormous housing estate.

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