Another pub to be levelled

This blog is fast becoming a list of public houses that are threatened with demolition. I can’t help but think that those who apply for demolition of these proprties are probably the same people who extoll the importance of the local as a forum for a community. When its another community though, who cares???

A beautiful pub in South Crossland, Kirklees, The Kings Arms is threatened because yet again it has a substantial car park; perfect for 3….go on make it 4… detached dwellings.  This is within a conservation area. I hope Kirklees council shows that this designation actually means something.


So a pub in this area is no longer viable, this we have to accept, but lets not destroy the building, negating a pub being reinstated in South Crossland. Why not use the property for commercial purposes or flats, and then squeeze in a couple of mews dwelling next door. This would improve the street frontage, retain the pub and fill your pockets with silver Mr Builder!


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